• KCon Hacking Conference | 2016
    Beijing, China
  • KCon Western China | 2016
    Xi'an, China
  • Hacking Session at QCon Beijing | 2016
    Beijing National Stadium

KCon Highlights

  • In-house Training
    In-house Training is an essential part of KCon. Each year, we invite experts to offer a full-day training course, sharing solid skills, experience, and ways of thinking with trainees.
  • 0-day Banquet
    0-day Banquet gives all the speakers, the review board and VIPs an opportunity to discuss their favorite topics together and inspire each other during the special occasion.
  • Opening Event
    KCon is attractive not only for its high-quality presentations but also the live performance that is popular and trendy, which helps to relax your mind and open your heart to more fresh sharing.
  • Rock Night
    KCon Rock Night took the lead in bringing music elements to security conferences. You can totally be yourself and get close to speakers, sponsors and whoever you want to meet in such circumstance.
  • Showcase
    Showcase is the most important part of KCon. Here you can access to 10+ presentations by top hackers or security experts home and abroad and brainstormed by their novel ideas.
  • Arsenal
    To encourage the invention of open-source tools, we newly added the Arsenal session. In this session, speakers will present their tools individually or presenting perspective organizations.
  • Offsite Interactions
    Besides the awesome showcases, we also welcome the participations of security vendors, e.g., the webcam risk demo in KCon 2015. The offsite interactions brings more energy and positive atmospheres to KCon.
  • Surroundings
    We output KCon surroundings each year, e.g., KCon T-Shirts, uniquely designed port cards and other gifts, which make all the difference.

Strategic Partners

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